My tools


This is a load generation tool for Apache Cassandra, used in hundreds of environments. It was originally developed by me at The Last Pickle as tlp-stress. Get the source on GitHub.


This is my tooling to quickly create lab environments for testing Apache Cassandra. It’s a distant fork of tooling I initially built while at The Last Pickle called tlp-cluster. Source available on GitHub

Apache Cassandra

Open source, petabyte scale distributed database that powers the most demanding applications in the world.



I have used this suite of tools across dozens of environments, both in consulting and at Netflix to solve performance problems. Use this to get detailed information out of the Linux kernel to answer questions about a variety of Linux subsystems.


A Java profiler capable of generating flame graphs.

Swiss Java Knife

Small set of tools for JVM troubleshooting, monitoring, and profiling.



Commercial operational tooling for Apache Cassandra.
Hands down, the best out-of-the-box experience to operate open source Cassandra in your own environments. I’ve partnered with AxonOps to use their service in my Cassandra training program. Free to use up to six nodes.


GC Easy

GC log visualization. Excellent tool. Limited free use.