Rustyrazorblade Radio, a Distributed System Podcast

I haven’t blogged in a while, which is a bummer because I was determined to write an article a week for the entire year. I haven’t even come remotely close to that goal.

I’ve recently switched jobs from DataStax to Consulting with The Last Pickle, which has been pretty hectic. Add to that 3 presentations at the Cassandra Summit and the end result is very little time for personal projects.

One of the things I enjoyed immensely during my time at DataStax was This Week in Cassandra, our weekly show on Planet Cassandra. It was a good opportunity to talk about what’s happening it the community and speak with interesting guests.

I’ve thought a lot about what we tried to do in that 30 minute segment. At the time, I didn’t think anyone really watched it. Looking at the YouTube views though, it looks like at least somebody was watching it, sometimes a few hundred somebodies. Confirming this is the number of people that have come up to me out of the blue telling me they miss the show. I guess we were doing something right.

For at least a few months, I’ve been considering creating a Podcast named Rustyrazorblade Radio. Alliteration aside, this sounds pretty cool to me. Now that I’ve gotten a taste for delivering information in a (hopefully) entertaining format, I really don’t want to stop. I believe now is the right time to give it a shot.

In Rustyrazorblade Radio, A Distributed Systems Podcast, I plan on covering more than just Cassandra, and I’ll be doing it under my own name. This is good in that I can do whatever I want (mostly swearing) but will obviously take up my personal time and resources (cash). I think the tradeoff will be worth it. I’ll also be bringing back the guest format. I had a ton of fun speaking with members of the community as well as my co-hosts. I strongly suspect you’ll see the return of my former friends on occasion. Lastly, the show will be produced with a conversational tone, similar to my previous endeavor.

I’m still working out the details for topics, guests, etc. If you’re interested in being on the show, ping me on Twitter - I’m @rustyrazorblade.

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