I've Moved to Pelican

As of Sunday, August 25, rustyrazorblade is now powered by pelican. So far, no complaints.

It was easy to get started. Installed through pip into a virtualenv and up and running in just a few minutes. It was a significantly better experience than my attempt at using octopress, which mixed theming, code, and my content all into one mess of a projct.

The new blog is just a folder of content (markdown), my theme, and a Makefile. When I want to publish, I just do make s3_upload and all the content is built and synced to an s3 bucket which serves static content. Building a preview via make html takes less than 3 seconds, which is significantly better than the 5 minutes octopress took.

Before I started using it, I had a checklist of all the things I’d want my dream blogging software to offer, and so far it’s met every one of them. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in using a static text blog.

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