MacBook Air Conclusion


I made a post back in December regarding my MacBook Air and a battery life issue.

About 2 weeks ago, I brought the Air back to the Apple store again, despite being completely shot down the first time. I had a 12:30 appointment, got there right at 12:30, but no one talked to me for a few minutes, so by the time I got someone’s attention, I was informed since I was late, they cancelled my appointment.

At this point, one of the non-genius people saw how frustrated I was and came over to talk to me. I explained the situation, and she told me I could do a drop-off thing where I leave it with them. I got a call the next day, they can’t figure out what’s wrong with my Air and I’m getting a new laptop. Amazing that it took so long to get to this point - considering I haven’t been able to use the computer regularly for the entire year. I tried to get them to let me upgrade to a MB Pro, but no dice.

I got the call today that my new Air was ready for pickup. I showed up at the store, and asked the guy again about swapping the Air for a Pro (paying the difference, of course). Apparently now it’s not a problem.

Conclusion: the battery drain was because the computer was completely hosed. New computer seems awesome. I am happy again.

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