Unsubscribing From Ebay Emails Is Insane

Ebay deserves a lot of credit for building a massive system that never seems to be down. Great. But you know what? That doesn’t excuse them for creating some really stupid interfaces or being complete assholes.

At the bottom of an email they sent, I saw this gem next to unsubscribe:

Please note that it may take up to 10 days to process your request.

Ten days. Ten days? Wow.

Now lets move onto the actual unsubscribe process. What a nightmare. Email preferences are grouped into sections, and only sections can be edited. All the options are hidden, so you must first expand them to see what you’re getting.

Seriously, check this thing out. I never use thumbnails either, so you know I’m pissed.


This process makes me really start to hate these guys.

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