Executing MySQL Queries Within VIM

I haven’t been using vim for very long, but I’ve gotten over the initial learning curve of getting used to the different editing modes. With some help from the guys in #vim on irc.freenode.net, I managed to get this gem:

` map :call SwitchDB() :function SwitchDB() : let g:current_db = input(“Database > “) :endfunction

map :call Doquery() :function Doquery() : if !exists(“g:current_db”) : call SwitchDB() : endif : let query_string = input(g:current_db . " > " ) : if query_string != "” : exe “!mysql " . g:current_db . " -e "” . escape(query_string, ‘”’) . “"” : endif :endfunction `

Control-m to execute a query. Control-d to switch databases. It’ll prompt you the first time.

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